Moving and Making Lemonade

So this will be my last post from maryleekids but don't worry, I'm just moving.  My books and I will be joining Sweet Lemon at  Okay, I'm not actually making lemonade but you'll see lots of lovely kids books there. Please take a peek.

Featured Titles

Super Fish Collection

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The Mia Collection

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The Little Pup Collection



The Little Girl Pink Collection



The Princess Collection


The Veggie Collection


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Need a hug?

Little Pup and Grey Bear are still #1 in Kindle Bear Books! Yay!
If you like Little Pup books or just need a hug, please check out a few new items from my Zazzle store.

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FREE! Super Fish 2! (July 11-15)

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Super Fish is back for this second hilarious story. This time, to find Super Fish, you must speak to an octopus with a strange appetite. He has a challenge for you. Are you up to the task?

Also check out the first Super Fish book.