A few of my favorite reviews

Little Girl Pink: A Bedtime Story (Emma Books Book 5)
Beautiful illustrations and a sweet rhythmic tale. 
"Wonderfully illustrated, sweet and engaging children's story that will surely be read over and over as a favourite amongst toddlers and young children before bedtime. It's a lovely rhythmic tale that children will likely remember and quickly recite some of the phrases, with that very important happy ending! Highly recommend for any parents to purchase for their young girls!!"
–Rachel McG

An enjoyable book for children and adults alike
"I loved this book, my daughter loved it, and my grandson loved it. This is not surprising, because it is one of those rare children books that have beautiful pictures, funny comments and are educational. How many people know that Kangaroos can swim, jump three times their height, but there is one thing they can’t do, which most animals can. I can’t give this away. But there is more. There is one other thing about that particular Kangaroo in this book. It has a wish and it is going to ask Santa to fulfill that wish. And that wish is funny, and makes sense. And it is the same with all the animals in this book. They are full of surprises. What do you think a lioness thinks when she watches people in the zoo? Another animal declares that it is not an animal person. What animal could that be? Not telling you. It was funny when I, my daughter und grandson paged through this book, believe me, you don’t want me to."
–Johann David Renner

Delightful and Empowering!
"What a wonderful message to little girls everywhere! Despite all the pink and all the glitter aimed at them, they don't need to be only princesses. Little girls can grow up to be doctors, scientists, astronauts, and just about anything. It's great to see a children's book written to support that!

The illustrations are delightful, and very appropriate to the tone of the book. I particularly enjoyed how the illustrations focused on the protagonist's imaginary world, rather than the physical. That was beautifully done.

The book is very easy to read and appropriate for any age. I highly recommend!"

A bedtime favorite for the whole family June 9, 2015
"One of the few stories that make the nightly rotation every time. Provides good examples of what to do to fall asleep all by yourself. Story is a great way to show children independence."
-Dan S.