Zoo Day

My daughter Mia loves going to the zoo. One day she was home sick and I asked her what she wanted to do. "Listen to music, watch some cartoons, take a nap,"  I thought but no, "Let's go to the zoo," was her answer in between coughs. So what do you do with a zoo crazed kid when they're sick or it's raining or mommy just needs a nap? How about a book?

Zoo Day by Tina Marie Kaht and Hatice Bayramoglu is a good option. You can pick it up on Amazon quick if you're in a crunch too. The illustrations are bright and lively and the baby elephant is just adorable. It has a lot of fun things happening in the story without being too much. It's just the right size for a night time story. I admit, there are some books my kids own that I have hidden for unbearably stretching out the night-time routine. This is an easy read for parents and young readers. Kids might want to go to the zoo even more but you can always close the curtains and say "Sorry honey, it's raining. How about a book?"

What makes Flamingo's pretty feathers pink? What color are Beaver's teeth? What does Tiger do for fun? Come to the zoo and find out! And don't forget to look for Frog on most of the colorful pages!

On sale December 17-22 for only 99 cents (regularly $2.99)!
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