How to get your kid to hate reading

• Make them read only at night when they're really tired.

• Give them books they're not interested in.
If they like superheroes, give them princesses.

• Start them on books for kids at least 3 years older. After two  hours they might be able to finish one page.

• Distract them as much as possible.
During reading time, surround them with fun toys that require no brainpower and tell them to "focus." Also, turn up the radio, TV, letting the baby cry, dogs bark and heck, it's also a great time to get out the power tools and do some remodeling.

• Give them lots of sugar and then tell them to sit still and read.

• Don't get them their own library card. That might make them want to check something out.

• Make reading a part of time-outs. Then kids may associate reading with punishment.

•  Never read around your child and if you do, look like it pains you. Otherwise they might start to think reading can be for fun.

• When it's not reading time put the books up high somewhere kids can't reach in case they might want to look at them on their own. Curiosity can nourish a love of books and who wants that?

Disclaimer: Just kidding! Please encourage your kids to read.