Grandparent's Day

Before I had kids I was a rock that could watch even the most depressing dramas with dry eyes. After kids, I'm super-squishy play-dough. I got a Costco card for the giant box of boxes of Kleenex because you never know when some Hallmark commercial is going to pop out of no where. Well despite my preparedness, there is a certain book that just about killed me.

Grandparents' Day by Tina Marie Kaht is not depressing or sappy or anything embarrassing to admit losing a few tears to. It is however, so incredibly heartwarming, you'll want to hug the nearest person. The story is about a kind young woman caring for her grandparents. The title doesn't refer to the holiday for Grandparents' but simply to one of the many days that these three have shared and, by extension, to all days shared by grandparents and grandchildren. 

My parents will be visiting soon for the holidays and I know it's a time that my kids will treasure the rest of their lives. This book reminded me of a favorite of mine that I have read to my little ones many times, "The Giving Tree". It's a message that sticks with you and should be shared across the generations.

In this heartwarming story, a loving grandchild cares for her elderly grandparents as she fondly recalls how they did the same for her when she was younger. Simple drawings and elegant use of color combine with gentle rhyme to touch the hearts of parents and children alike. Learn to cherish the memories we make with our family members, young and old.

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