Fun YouTube Channel for Kids

Okay, this post isn't about a book but it's a pretty neat entertainment option for kids. My daughter Mia was introduced to YouTube by her big brother and became obsessed with dress-up play-doh videos. 
Of course I monitor her video time so that she's not clicking on something inappropriate but it is amazing how much on there is for kids. One example, the Banana Soup YouTube Channel is good clean fun for kids to watch. There's a little info on this below if you want to check it out. If you have a favorite youtube video that's kid appropriate, let me know in comments. 


"Check out the Banana Soup youtube channel. It's from a London-based dad who made up some animal songs for his children, then turned them into fun home-spun videos. There's worms, elephants and donkeys, and more to come in 2016, promises Keith."