If the Disney Princesses Had Gotten a Career Instead of a Man

I admit, when I wrote "Not Just a Princess" I was a bit annoyed with the billion dollar Disney princess business. I don't have anything wrong with girls wanting to be princesses. After all, who wouldn't  want to be ridiculously wealthy with servants waiting on you hand and foot? I just don't like that the dream had to require getting married. It sends a message to little girls that the only way to achieve what you want is through a man. For all the marketing talk of strong, willful princesses, the reality is pretty lame.

Disney must have gotten the hint because Merida remains single for now. With Disney's record for making multiple sequels, she may not be unattached for long though.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people falling in love, marriage and popping out kids that read my books. However, there's a good sized line between true love and sugar daddy. I had to wonder, what would these princesses be doing in modern times if they didn't turn to man-mush. So hear are my best guesses. Enjoy!


While librarian seems like the obvious choice don't forget her song "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere." This girl wants to travel, not be stuck in a freaky castle all day. She could be a pilot, archeologist, or with her ability to belt out a tune, singer.

Ariel:She was only sixteen when that cradle robbing Prince Erik fell off the boat so she'd still be in high school. She showed a great amount of athletic ability outrunning a shark so she could look at getting certified to be a personal trainer, a swim coach or even take on Michael Phelps in the Olympics.

Even after a hard day of stepmother abuse, she still found the energy to make little mousy outfits. Despite the fact she forgot to sew the boy mice pants, she could still have a future in fashion design.

Sleeping Beauty:
The fairies gave her the gift of song and beauty but that doesn't make her the next American Idol. She seemed more concerned about looking perfect even when passed out. Photographer,  make-up artist, or Art Director might be up her alley.

Snow White:
She could make a herd of forest animals jump off a cliff with the hypnotic sound of her voice. There has never been a more talented animal trainer.

A few girls already had budding careers before getting man-mushed.


Without the boatload of cash from the lazy prince to buy a restaurant, Tiana still was a five star chef. She could have won Hell's Kitchen with her work ethic and her beignets could have been a national brand.


Already Head of Foreign Relations.

Though she hasn't gotten married yet, she could be a rock climbing instructor or win gold in Olympic archery.

Also, though not a princess, I wanted to give a mention to Mulan.

Mulan: While she was trained by her hunk to be a Military Weapons Specialist her determination to save her father is what inspired her training. The shirtless-wonder-boy was really just a bonus. 

So, in conclusion, lets start a new fairytale for our girls. How about the dream of getting through college without debt for starters? After that, a career that pays the bills and makes them happy. While I can't put up a "No Boys Allowed" sign on the castle, I can help my girl to stand on her own two feet. After all, a smart, independent young woman is more beautiful than glass slippers any day.